---Ladies in Red---                          

        By Helen Butler

I love the beginning of a new year.  It is a time to plan and set new goals for quilting.  This year at Utah Valley will be no exception.

After attending the International quilt festival in Houston in October and viewing the display of red and white quilts in their Ruby Jubilee celebration, I thought it would be a great challenge to have our group make a quilt in red and white.  Any size is acceptable from small to large.  (See rules below.) 

I envision a great quilt show in November featuring all your beautiful creations!  Have fun with this challenge.  There will be no judging, though I think we will do a viewer’s choice again. 

This is your chance to make that quilt pattern you have always wanted to make and do it in red and white.  

I will have the sign up at the next meeting if you were not able to be in attendance.  Ladies in red... have fun this year with our challenge and be creative!


The challenge this year is to complete a quilt in made in red and white fabric.  The rules are as follows:

    1. The quilt is to be in only the color scheme of red and white.  You can work the value in each of these colors, but no other color is allowed in the challenge.  (You can use off-white, ecru fabric, etc., but the quilt should read as red and white.)

     2. We will divide the quilts into 3 categories for display - small, medium and large.  All sizes are welcome. 

     3. If you have already started one just finish it and bring it to the November meeting.

     4. If possible have all the quilting done on your quilt.  If not, please bring your quilt top for display.  We still want to see it.

        5.  Make every effort to use what you already have before purchasing fabric. Be creative!

March 2015 Update:
    I hope you are all having as much fun as I am working on your quilt for our challenge this year.  Hopefully by now you have made a determination of what you want to make and have begun selecting your fabric.  I went through the house and gathered all my reds (my fabric is in multiple rooms in my house).   Next, I sorted it according to value, lights, mediums and dark's.  I really enjoy this part, and any and all parts involving fabric selection.  

I have come up with a suggested schedule just to pace us and keep us on track.  
January - Challenge announced.
February - Decide on your quilt project 
March -    Complete fabric selection and begin quilt top
April - Continue working on your blocks or quilt top.  
May -   You have one more month to complete your top.
June -   This is the half way point and depending on what you are making you must pace yourself to complete the quilt.  If you are hand quilting I would allow 3 months to complete it, otherwise this can still be a month to complete the top.  
July - Quilting
August - Quilting
September - Quilting
October - Complete binding and any finish work or embellishment.  
November - Quilt show!!!!!  

 I don't know about you but for me I do best with a few deadlines in place.  Of course you can adjust this to suit your schedule.  You can even do it all at the end if you like!  
I believe this is going to be a really fantastic quilt show, and I for one am super excited to see it.  I really want to encourage all of you to use up your fabric and join in the fun for our Utah Valley Quilt Guild Challenge!  

Remember to set any fabrics that may bleed with Retayne before cutting. In the end wash your quilt with Synthrapol, which is a detergent.  


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