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Service Day
Mar 15, 2023
10 am - 3 pm
in Provo


March Patchwords was emailed on Mar 1.

For problems receiving your newsletter, please contact  (Please check your spam folder first for an email on the date listed.)

   If your membership is not current, you can contact Annie Thayne

       Spring Retreat

    March 18, 2023

9 am - 4 pm

    Coordinated by:

             Wanda Sump & Lacey Peterson

Please come to our UVQG Spring Retreat!

Bring your friends and spend the day sewing with other guild members!


On a Saturday to accommodate those who work weekdays.

This year's event will be held at Sandy Lai's home:

1611 E. Maple Street, Mapleton

New this year: we can have up to 50 people!

Cost is $15 per person. Gift for attendees. Must have current guild membership. Tables and folding chairs provided. Please bring your own projects and supplies. (We recommend bringing a surge protector with your sewing machine.) We are meeting in the basement; however, there is an elevator available.

(Bring your own lunch. There is a fridge, sink and microwave available for use.)

Contact Wanda Sump to register: 801.602.4065

       Less than 10 openings left. Call NOW!

March 2023 Guild Meeting

 Annual Service Activity

Wed, Mar 15th, 10:00 - 3:00 pm


Utah County Dept of Health

151 S. University Ave., Provo, Room 1600

* Envelope baby quilt tops

* Sew simple quilt tops

* Sew flannel receiving blankets

* Measure and cut batting, Press and pin for sewers

* Some hand stitching projects available such as stuffing plush balls and sewing them closed.

**Bring sewing machine, and basic sewing supplies, rotary cutter, ruler.

There will be wagons available to transport your supplies to the room and no stairs!

The guild will provide pizza for lunch. Please bring salads or sides or treats to share.

utah co health dept.jpg

New to the Area?

New to the guild?

Have questions?

Want to know more?



Want to see a list of Past Presidents?

(under 'About'/'UVQG History)


2023 Challenge

Improv Quilting

President-elect Kim McCloskey picked improv quilting for this year's challenge. Improv simply means to put something together without planning it all in advance, to make a quilt without a pattern and little to no planning. A good way to sew for the pure joy of it.


You can choose to create in a free-for-all manner or set some guidelines for yourself. I will demo some improv piecing techniques at upcoming guild meetings.


Quilts must be made in 2023. Complete your quilt by Nov 8 for display at our guild meeting. (3 layers, quilted, and bound)

View more details.

**New: Tutorial #1 (shared in Feb)**

2023 Specialist Teacher

Emily Bailey


Trunk Show:

Wed, Apr 19th, 1:30 pm

Orem Senior Center

for general guild

6 hour Workshop:

Tues, Apr 18th

for those registered

Contact Lisa Johnson to register. Workshop open to 20 guild members. Cost is $40 per person.

Emily is the author of "Crumb Quilts."

Her website is

Crumb class promotion flyer.jpg

2023 UVQG Retreat - FULL

   November 15-18, 2023 

I  have just been informed that we had more people sign up for the fall retreat than I ever imagined.  Any registrations that are received after today will be on the waiting list. We are working on the logistics for adding more people (chairs, tables, etc.)  We will be getting back to all of those who registered and ask that you please be patient with us as we work on this.  I am so excited that so many of you want to come.  We will have a great time!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Barb Murdock, retreat chair


We will be having our 2023 retreat at Zermatt again. However, we were required to change the week of attendance to two weeks later in the year, which will be the week before Thanksgiving.

Due to Zermatt's payment schedule, money will be due sooner. Half of the cost needs to be sent with your registration. The other half will be due July 1st.

This year's prices listed on retreat page.

Registration forms are in February Patchwords and on this website.

  You can still send in your money and registration form after it is published around Feb 1st and envelopes will be opened on March 15.  

Click HERE if you want to read Barb's article in Feb 2023 Patchwords.

uvqg red barn in wallsburg.jpg

July Fair

Wed, July 19, 2023

9:30 am to 3:30 pm

The Red Barn

2583 Main Canyon Rd, Wallsburg

Class List not yet available
service graph oct 2022.jpg

Service 2022

Goal - 222 Quilts

Hernandez Family Habitat Quilt.JPG

March 2023 Update in Patchwords - coming soon

October 1, 2022 Service Update

As of October 1, our donation total for 2022 has reached 130 quilts and 187 stuffed items. (bears and footballs)

Special thanks to Sandy Lai’s sister for transporting 30 quilts to flood victims in Kentucky. After record flooding at the end of July in eastern Kentucky, residents reported more than 10,000 homes damaged or destroyed. Many residents remain in housing limbo as they apply for aid and

rebuild. Our donation is a small drop in the bucket for  those affected.

On Friday, September 9, the Many Hands Bee met at Sandy Lai’s home. We completed 30 flannel receiving blankets which will be donated to local organizations.

Guild member Laura Brown oversaw the quilt tying this summer at Mutual Dell summer camp and reports that they want to continue the project next summer. This has been a great way to encourage the next generation of quilters and provide valuable exposure to the art of quilting.

Through donations of time and materials, the guild  provided Mutual Dell with 35 enveloped quilt tops ready for tying. Many of the tops were prepared at our March service activity and we plan to do the same in March 2023.

Service Bee

"Many Hands"

This new group is a support for the guild's mission statement of providing service. The name evokes the true adage "Many hands make light work."

Sarah Yorgason will be heading this group. Meeting dates will vary from month to month, while the location and activity varies as well. You might be cutting fabric scraps or donations or putting together charity quilt kits. So look at the activities each month to find the ones that fit your schedule and preferred activity.

Feb 24  Fri / 1:00 pm -3:00 pm

Stitching Hearts Worldwide

661 W. State Rd, Suite B, Pleasant Grove

Tour- help with quilts for Turkey


Mar 1  Wed / 12:30 pm -2:30 pm

Sarah Yorgason's home

249 E 3140 N, Provo

[Sarah Yorgason: 435-315-7632]

Prep work for March guild Service Day

Mar 15 Wed / 10:00 pm -3:00 pm

Annual Service Activity!

Utah County Dept of Health

151 S. University Ave, Provo, Room 1600

Envelope quilt tops, sew simple quilt tops, measure and cut batting, some hand stitching projects.

Bring sewing machine, and basic sewing supplies. rotary cutter, ruler.

[The guild will provide pizza for lunch. Please bring salads and treats to share.]

Apr 6  Thurs / 12:30 pm -3:30 pm  **Date Change

Sarah Yorgason's home

249 E 3140 N, Provo

[Sarah Yorgason: 435-315-7632]

Dealing with Batting!

February 2023 Guild Meeting


Wed, Feb 15th, 1:30 pm

Orem Senior Center

Kristi Wright from Stitching Hearts Worldwide will present a program about her organization which provides service opportunities by making handmade essential items for people in need.

Some of the items made are quilts, woven mats from plastic grocery bags for homeless or refugee camps, receiving blankets, lovey squares for victims of abuse or those with sensory issues, and more. They have gifted items locally here in Utah, as well as around the world.


Bonus: Local quilt group KNOTTs will be displaying their quilts from a recent challenge. Quilts were black and gray and white with the addition of one  other color. Vote for your favorite!

1st: Kathy Porter

2nd: Marie Haws

3rd: Lani Brower



--Property chairperson

--July Fair chairperson; also help with certain portions such as garage sale or vendors.

Other positions may be available as well.

Contact Karin Crawford.

Sundance Quilting Ad.JPG
Maple Mountain Retreat Ad.JPG

48th Annual Utah Quilt Show

at Springville Museum of Art

July 16 - Sept 17, 2022 

(Show is closed. See you next year.)

            Cell Phone Etiquette

Please turn your cell phones off or put on vibrate during our guild meetings. If it must be on and it could bother others, use the “silent” mode and move away to talk. 


Words of Wisdom


My favorite quote from Brenda Sommers is: If you are a new quilter, or a quilter with shaky confidence – keep quilting!!!! You will get better, I am a much better quilter than when I started ...” Isn’t this where we all are? Loving what we do and getting better and better at it each day.

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