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uvqg quilt stands santaquin show.jpg

Rented quilt stands at Santaquin quilt show

2023 Equipment Available

--stored in Lindon, Utah--

Please contact our property chair for rentals - Caleb Gorringe


28 quilt stands available ($100.00 deposit on each stand)

Rental will be $5/day each for UVQG members; $20/day each for non-members

Other items - price per day

6 quilt stand sheets (in small blue tote)                         $1.00 each

6 ironing boards                                                                 $2.00 each

6 large ironing board tops                                                $2.00 each

2 mini ironing boards                                                        $1.00 each

10 irons (in large tote)                                                       $1.00 each

8  extension cords and 15 power strips                            $.50 each

9 large cutting mats (24 x 36)                                           $1.00 each

  table risers or extenders                                                   $.50 set


Storage unit holds supplies used for service day, retreat, July Fair, and meetings.

[Library books are stored at Orem Senior Center.]

Items in storage unit not available for rental include totes of service day fabric, service day batting, lanyards, cash boxes, scissors/pins.

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