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Service Quilts

If you have yard pieces of fabric:

Baby Quilt  (Easy)

1 pattern

If you have strips of fabric:

Baby Quilt  (Easy)

1 pattern

If you have fat quarters of fabric:

Baby Quilt  (Easy)

1 pattern

If you have squares of fabric:

Baby Quilt  (Easy)

1 pattern

{Service Update - December 2023}

Giving Update - Total 2023

400   Items !

This includes:

 171   quilts

 103   receiving blankets

   14   fleece blankets

   97   balls

   11   bears

    2   yarn baby blankets

    2   hats

Recipients included these charitable organizations:

Welcome Baby, Children's Justice Center, The Refuge, Stitching Hearts Worldwide, Little Lambs Foster, Festival of Trees, Food and Care Coalition, Dolls of Hope

plus first responders and a refugee family

Mutual Dell Girl's Camp attendees helped tie 51 of these quilts. Thanks to our members who donated supplies or their time to cut, piece, quilt, bind, and sew!

{Service Update - September 2023}


I was able to make a large donation of quilts to The Utah County Department of Health. Girls camp season has ended and with the help of the young women of Mutual Dell, we completed a record number–67 quilts (Picture of mutual dell) Close to the county building is the Children’s Justice center, so they also got 11 quilts which are given to children during medical exams. One other stop was The Refuge where I dropped off 3 large quilts. I already received a beautiful thank you card made by five year old shelter resident with this inscription inside: “Thank you for the 3 twin size-handmade quilts that you donated. It is touches like that that make the shelter feel like a home and that give comfort to people. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of survivors.” Our giving total for the year so far is 140 quilts, 92 other items


{At Home Service Opportunities - June 2023}

● Sew double flannel receiving blankets, all fabric provided. We have over 200 ready to sew if your church group or sewing friends want to take some.

● Simple and quick to sew quilt top kits all cut out will be available at every monthly meeting. There are several fun patterns to try. These are great if you are teaching new quilters.

● Envelope small flannel quilts to be tied at Mutual Dell this summer. This is the only project with a deadline!

● Do you long arm? Our charity quilts are great for practicing.

● Binding! However you like to do it, I usually have a few at every meeting that need to be bound.

{Service Day - March 2023}

Service Day Despite the rain, we had a successful service day for our March meeting. Thirty one members attended that day and six more participated from home. Many won a door prize and there was plenty of pizza! Everyone working together completed the following ● 27 enveloped quilts for Mutual Dell Camp to tie this summer ● 31 soft balls stuffed and stitched ● Made 12 “I Spy” quilt kits and assembled 3 tops ● Cut batting and sewed backings for 26 quilts now ready to be machine quilted ● 6 other quilt tops sewn together My sincere thanks for all who came to help and those who continually support our service efforts. Sarah Yorgason

Giving Update 2023 - already delivered

As of March 15, 2023 our giving total for the year is 39 quilts, 31 balls and 2 hats for a total of 72 items, including ● 7 quilts to the Festival of Trees ● 16 quilts to a group that provides mental health services for female first responders.

Mutual Dell tied quilts 2023.jpg
The Refuge thank you note.jpg

{Service Update - December 2022}

Giving Update - Total 2022

Our giving total for 2022 was 414 items, 165 of those items were quilts.

I had set a goal of 222 quilts, so I am not sure if we met the goal or surpassed it. What a busy year of serving! Even though they are not quilts, other items like afghans, receiving blankets, plush balls and bears were sent out to many in need. And as always, many hands worked together to make it all possible

{Service Update - October 2022}

As of October 1, our donation total for 2022 has reached 130 quilts and 187 stuffed items. (bears and footballs)

Special thanks to Sandy Lai’s sister for transporting 30 quilts to flood victims in Kentucky. After record flooding at the end of July in eastern Kentucky, residents reported more than 10,000 homes damaged or destroyed. Many residents remain in housing limbo as they apply for aid and

rebuild. Our donation is a small drop in the bucket for  those affected.

On Friday, September 9, the Many Hands Bee met at Sandy Lai’s home. We completed 30 flannel receiving blankets which will be donated to local organizations.

Guild member Laura Brown oversaw the quilt tying this summer at Mutual Dell summer camp and reports that they want to continue the project next summer. This has been a great way to encourage the next generation of quilters and provide valuable exposure to the art of quilting.

Through donations of time and materials, the guild  provided Mutual Dell with 35 enveloped quilt tops ready for tying. Many of the tops were prepared at our March service activity and we plan to do the same in March 2023.

{Service Update - April 2022}

Our March service meeting was so fantastic! At least forty-two members attended at least part of the meeting. Items were completed and we moved many projects along. My sincere thanks to all those who helped out that day, every little bit shows our love to the community.

Stuff we did:

-12 Bears completed, 30 with faces sewn on ready to stuff, 35 still need faces, but they are turned inside out and ready to sew the face on

-78 Minkee balls sewn and ready to stuff and 25 completed and donated to Lifting Hands

-25 previously finished quilt tops matched with backings and batting ready to deliver to quilters 

-18 previously quilted small quilts matched with fabric for binding and binding was cut

-5 baby sized flannel quilt tops completed

-12 baby quilts enveloped and marked, ready for tying

-13 baby quilts almost ready for tying, still need edge stitching and marking

-17 prizes awarded to those participating

-Over 30 finished quilts were turned in and displayed. These were made by guild members and are now ready to donate.

{Service Update - January 2022}


Giving Update - Total 2021

I set our first goal for 2021 at 100 items, we met that goal by July so I bumped it up to 200. Our grand total for the year was 446 items donated to local charities! Our total was nearly doubled by the guild’s efforts at the November retreat where 210 pillow cases were sewn to be donated to Little Lambs Foster.

Undercover Quilters donations for Ukraine.JPG

Undercover Quilters: 

2022: Undercover Quilters Group - many of whom are members of UVQG - made, collected, and donated 71 quilts to Ukraine Refugees.

{Donation Items}

Are you doing spring cleaning, just trying to get more organized, or just like giving?

Make a connection with someone who wants what you no longer want to keep! Sarah Yorgason is this year's service chair and wants to help you make a connection.

Help a local home ec teacher              (coming soon)

Organizations or causes that take supplies and/or service sewing


UVQG - We can use cotton fabric or batting for charitable projects, as well as help enveloping, tying or machine quilting.

This year's recipients include Welcome Baby and Habitat for Humanity. 

Contact Sarah if you want to donate materials or if you need supplies to make a charity quilt. Sign up via spreadsheet coming soon.


bricks and stepping stones.jpg

Bricks and Stepping Stones


This month's featured charity quilt idea.


This is a great scrap buster quilt! It uses 2 inch strips to make four patch blocks and 3 ½ x 6 ½ rectangles. I made one with some left over gray and white 4 patches and baby fabrics.


My mother made one with bright colors to cheer an older cousin.


The link goes to Bonnie Hunter’s Blog and she has great illustrations and well-written instructions. Depending on your fabric choice, it would be suitable for all ages.

{Summer Breeze Mystery Quilt}


Have you ever done a mystery quilt? It can be an exciting way to spark creativity and get your sewing juices flowing.


While decluttering my sewing space in January, I found packets of instructions for a mystery quilt I ran in 2008!. Rather than recycle the papers, I packaged them up with donated fabric to make charity quilts. This will be a fun, simple project for summer. Invite your friends to play along! It is a basic pattern that would be good for a beginner. If you have grandchildren or neighborhood kids that want a quilting lesson, this would be perfect!


The mystery will make a small, pieced quilt measuring 40” x 48” including borders. It will be quick to cut using only two fabrics Fabric and instructions provided.


I will have kits at the June guild meeting. Bring your completed quilt top to the September meeting to earn a reward.

{Service Day}

Wed, Mar 17, 2021

Sarah Yorgason is our service chair this year. 

This annual event almost didn’t happen, but it is happening! Many things have fallen into place for our service day meeting on Wednesday, March 17.


There are several places to participate:

  1. In your own home.

  2. At the home of Sandy Lai in Mapleton 10-3

  3. At American Quilting in Orem 11-3

  4. Create your own group of friends at your own place

We will meet at 1:30 pm via zoom to share what we are working on and have a prize drawing.

(Bring your own lunch)

There are several ways to serve through quilting:

  1. We have precut quilt kits ready to sew using your machine

  2. We have enveloped tops that can be tied

  3. We have tops with batting and backing that can be machine quilted

  4. Pick up donated supplies to finish your own donation project in process. We have some larger pieces for backings and batting for you to use.


Donate items or pick up kits and supplies at these times and places:

--Saturday March 6 from 10-12 Lehi City Library parking lot 120 N Center St.

--Monday March 15 from 11-1 Parking lot of Corn Wagon Springville

--Wednesday March 17 from 9-11 AM Parking Lot of American Quilting Orem

RSVP survey was sent via email. Please fill it out to be entered in the prize drawings.

What are we doing?

You get to pick your project wherever you will be.

Sarah has tons of kits with projects at different stages:

-blocks that can be sewn into tops

-two pieces of flannel that can be made into blankets

-small tops that can be tied with yarn

-lots of tops that can be machine quilted.

-batting to be added to your own supplies to make a quilt

So it is really up to you and what you want to bring with you!

Sarah's article in Feb newsletter:


I am so excited to help focus our service efforts for the guild this year! I spent much of last year going through my sewing room and sending stuff to other places where it can be better used. Throughout the year I will spotlight a new organization and ways we can help with projects or with supply donations.


We will continue to help with the Baby your Baby project. They currently have only a two month supply of baby blankets! 

For now, can you please go through your sewing spaces and find any unfinished service projects from the guild and work on them? If you are no longer able to commit time to those projects, let me know and I will come get them so someone else can finish them up.


I know many of you also organize and clear out your spaces at the beginning of the year. I am happy to come get your unwanted sewing supplies. You can text me for my address if you would rather bring them yourself.


Each month I will feature a pattern that will be suitable for a donation quilt. If you have a favorite charity quilt pattern, send me the information so I can share it. 435-315-7632

{Habitat for Humanity}


See more about this service project, quilts we have donated, and the next family we can help. 

Contact Sarah to help with the next habitat quilt project:

Hernandez Family Habitat Article.JPG



Basic:  A standard size pillowcase can be made from one yard of cotton fabric, 42-44" wide.

Square up both cut ends of fabric. Open fabric and place in front of you, print side face down with cut ends along top and bottom. Fold top edge down 1/2" and press. Then fold the top edge over another 4" and press in place. Open up both pressed hems. Turn fabric over with right side up. With hems still at the top fold the entire piece in half by folding the left side over onto the right side, right sides together. Sew along the right edges (selvedges) and along the bottom using about a 1/2" seam allowance. Raw bottom edge can be serged or zigzagged if desired. Now fold the previously pressed 1/2" and 4" hems back in place. Stitch the hem down to the body of the pillowcase about 1/8" from the edge. Turn the pillowcase right side out, poke corners out and press flat.

Many other instructions online.

Pillowcase with cuff and trim (free pattern): Nancy's Notions

The popular Hot Dog or Burrito Style Method has the same look, but easier method: All People Quilt (can add small trim piece)

Or make it even fancier with extra piecing or applique.

Some of our quilt members hard at work at the April 2016 Service Day held at the Courtyard at Jamestown Square.

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