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2022   Challenge 

2022 Challenge

"Sapphire Quilt"

President-elect Karin Crawford chose this year's challenge to celebrate Utah Quilt Guild's 45th anniversary.


  • Blue and white or Blue and cream. No other colors allowed.

  • Complete your quilt by Nov 2022 (3 layers, quilted, bound and labeled)

  • Quilts made prior to this year are not allowed.

  • Any size -- from 12" to 108" per side

  • Email Karin at for any questions.

Blue Cream Quilt.JPG

2020 /2021  Challenge 

2020 /2021 Challenge announced at the January's meeting.

"Scrappy Stash Quilt"


The challenge this year is to make a scrappy quilt entirely from your stash. Exception: the batting may be purchased. Everything else must come from your stash, including the backing! 

(You can make a scrappy back or trade fabrics with a friend.) 

No size requirement.

Several quilts and ideas for scrap quilts were shown at the January 15 guild meeting.


Challenge quilts will be displayed at the November 2021 meeting.

Blue and White Quilt.JPG

Jacque and Crystal announced this year's challenge at our January meeting. There are only 3 rules.


 "I Can Do That"

1. Create a quilt that measures 6" x 60"

2. The quilt must have 3 layers (top, batting, backing)

    - also binding and label

3. Can be made in any style of your choosing.



2019 Challenge Skinny Quilt.JPG

2019   Challenge 

 Every year the president elect has a challenge. In the past we have had Selfie Quilts,  Color Gradated Color Quilts, Scrappy Trip Quilts, and PIGS. I don’t know what was selected before that because I was not a member of Utah Valley Quilt Guild. This year, because we didn’t have a president elect for a few months, wonderful Crystal and Jacque proposed the 6”X60” quilt as our challenge. Crystal has seen a display of these and loved them. I was at the meeting when it was proposed and kind of blew it off. What good is a quilt that size? But then I noticed that thin wall space in my house right by the closet door as you enter my house. That is the perfect place to do a skinny quilt. And it won’t take me much time. Since then I’ve made three. (One will never see the light of day but that’s okay; the dog bed is better because of it.) 


If you also hadn’t given it much thought, there is still time to do this by our November meeting. You have seen the ones Crystal made and they are cute. What a fun way to celebrate a season, announce your team, or have your family values showcased.


There are even skinny quilt ideas on Pinterest. And think how wonderful it will be to hang these. If you haven’t helped hang the quilts for past November meetings you have no idea what a pain it is. Let’s fill the room with some color and love.


I’m looking forward to seeing your creations.

2018  President- Elect Challenge

A selfie of Sandra with her award winning quilt at Quilt Con 2018.

"Selfie Quilts"

--by Elise Larsen


OCTOBER UPDATE: Selfie Day is almost here! Yeah! It means in part that I can work on something else. It also means I get to celebrate because I finished a quilt and it’s beautiful and beloved, and did I mention the big word: FINISHED!

You have a little over one month to finish your quilt and we will hang it at our meeting in November for a Viewer’s Choice Award. Sound like fun? Of course! Life is good when we can sew. See you in October and between now and then - enjoy your sewing.

   As quilters we are always so loving and giving. We almost give everything we make away! During the Zermatt fall retreat I loved walking around to see what everyone was creating. I heard numerous stories of who the quilt was for, usually a loved family member or friend.

   This year for our challenge we will be making a "Selfie" quilt. Choose something you have always wanted to make for yourself. And then let’s all keep it so we can enjoy our creation!

   At our November meeting we will display our quilts and have a viewers choice award of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. We would like you to take a selfie picture of yourself with your quilt and email it to our Historian so she can put it in our yearly book.

   At our March meeting we will send around a clipboard for signups if you would like to participate (so I can provide a little gift to you for participating!)


Note: you can start a totally new quilt or finish something you have not had a reason to give away so it ended up in the UFO endless stash. (Your work should probably be something more than a binding- ha ha) Let's all have fun with our "Selfie" quilts and "TREAT YOSELF"! We will have a wonderful, eclectic quilt show in November and get to know our fellow quilters deepest desires.

"Treat Yo Self" - April Patchwords article

Make a “Selfie” quilt: one you love and keep for yourself. Then send a picture of you with your quilt to the Patchword’s editor. If you don’t know how to send a picture, ask your friend. Then you will have instant friendship bonding over phone help. In November we will have a Viewer’s Choice Show with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Plan your label so one and all know you made a beautiful creation to enjoy! Sign ups will be going around at each guild meeting so we know how to plan for your special quilt. Remember to love your quilt and love yourself! As quilters we love, love, love to give our quilts to that special person. This year we are giving a quilt to ourselves. Yeah for a selfie quilt!

Selfie Quilt Display  - Nov 2018

Thank you to all who participated.

Please send your selfie picture to

Lynnette ( with your name.

Viewer's choice winners:

  Shirley Olsen

  Karin Crawford

  Judie Oler

2017  President- Elect Challenge

The Finish Line is in Sight

Hello all you fabulous quilters!  Reminder - November is almost here! I have seen lots of you working on your  Color Gradated quilts, they look awesome!  I hope you love them as much as I do!  Be sure to either bring them to the  November meeting OR let me see them or a picture of them if they've already been given away. Fabulous prize for finishers! (See photo below for clue to prizes) We want to make a beautiful showing at the November meeting - AND we've been asked to display them at the Provo Health and Justice Building for a couple of months also - so be sure to put a label and sleeve on your quilt so you can participate in this beautiful display that promotes quilting in our community!

        Thanks! --Brenda


 Fabrics to make a mini-quilt like this one!

​(background fabric not included)

Prize Drawing!

You can win this book! Simply email me with a description of what YOU are making for the President Elect Challenge this year and I will add you to the drawing this summer! (August). 

Remember - a "Color Gradated Quilt", colors going across the quilt, not just all over. You must be a current member to win and you must be signed up for the contest - you can do that at any time!

        Thanks! --Brenda

Gradated Color Quilt

--by Brenda Sommers

Make a gradated quilt of any size to show at our November 2017 meeting.


Hi ladies!! Hope you love color like I do! Think color wheels and rainbows - these will be part of the challenge for 2017! If you hate bright colors - that's okay, I would love to see YOUR interpretation of color in a more muted palette! Stay tuned for more information and start dreaming in colors...

(A gradated quilt with one or a few colors going from light do dark also works.) I will be making Melissa Corry's beautiful "End of the Rainbow" quilt from her book, "Irish Chain Quilts".

[The President -Elect gets to pick a project during their year such as a block of the month quilt or a quilt challenge such as using a certain technique in a quilt or finishing a quilt.]    More details below!

Diagram above from SYTYC website.

Brenda followed their tutorial to make her quilt  shown below.

Gradated Color Quilt Challenge Details

* Make a color gradated quilt of any size.

* Gradated refers to a quilt that goes from one color to the next  or gradations of one color, not colors scattered all over the quilt. There are MANY examples on Pinterest, etc..

* A pillow or bag can count, as long as it is QUILTED.

* Must be a completed quilt– quilted and bound– labels are not required but are encouraged.

* Must be completed by our November meeting (November 15) and brought to the meeting to receive a fabulous prize. We want to hang them at our November meeting. If your quilt can’t make it- talk to me, we can work something out.

* You must sign up at quilt meeting OR email me to be eligible for a fabulous prize (I need a count)

2016 Guild Challenge

Scrappy Trip Quilt

--by Helen Butler

This year my challenge is to make a scrappy trip quilt.

If you have never made this pattern I challenge you to try this quilt block pattern and let your creative juices flow! I promise you this quilt will make you smile. There are so many choices and options that you will end up wanting to make several. It is a great quilt to use up “ugly fabric” and cut it into strips and throw it into the quilt. All it requires is for you to cut your fabric into the desired width of strips and then start sewing.

Pinterest has lots of ideas as well as the website listed below. You can find lots of tutorials online but I will give you directions for how I do my favorite one with 1-1/2 inch strips. I hope you will join us. I have opted for something fun and easy so everyone can join with the Utah Valley girls and have a Happy Scrappy Trip year!

If you have already made this quilt, I challenge you to try this pattern in a different size perhaps smaller or try something different in the colors or fabrics you choose. My vision for the meeting in November is to wrap the room in these finished quilts and enjoy the endless variety of this slightly addicting quilt. I know it will be quite a show!

Reasons why I like this quilt:
1. It is fast and easy.
2. It uses up fabric I no longer care for plus it reduces my stash.
3. It’s fun!
4. The design possibilities are endless. No two are the same.

I hope you will all join in the fun this year and give Scrappy trip a try!

Helen's 2014 Quilt Challenge was "Looking Through my Window"

     Participants displayed quilts at our Nov 2014 meeting. Judges picked the tops 7 quilts to enter the AQS guild challenge event.

Helen's 2015 Quilt Challenge was "Ladies in Red"

     Participants displayed quilts at our Nov 2015 meeting and voted for their favorites. Nancy Robert's quilt - the winner of the viewer's choice award - will represent UVQG in Utah Quilt Guild's Ruby Jubilee event.

2016 President- Elect Challenge


PIG challenge

Time is flying and soon we’ll be showing our finished P.I.G.S. for the challenge this year.  Have you ever considered this thought?  “The difference between INVOLVEMENT and COMMITMENT is like eggs and bacon.  The Chicken is involved – the Pig is committed.”  (Are you hungry now? Go get a quick snack so you can commit to finishing your P.I.G.S.)

[The President -Elect gets to pick a project during their year such as a block of the month quilt or a quilt challenge such as using a certain technique in a quilt or finishing a quilt.]

2015    President- Elect Challenge - Mini Quilt 

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