UVQG Meeting
-Megan Legas
Wed, Nov 20, 2019
Orem Senior Center
+ Quilt Challenge &
Book Sale


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1 Week left to finish your challenge quilt!

Jacque and Crystal announced this year's challenge at our January meeting. There are only 3 rules.


 "I Can Do That"

1. Create a quilt that measures 6" x 60"

2. The quilt must have 3 layers (top, batting, backing)

    - also binding and label

3. Can be made in any style of your choosing.

This month's article:

Every year the president elect has a challenge. In the past we have had Selfie Quilts,  Color Gradated Color Quilts, Scrappy Trip Quilts, and PIGS. I don’t know what was selected before that because I was not a member of Utah Valley Quilt Guild. This year, because we didn’t have a president elect for a few months, wonderful Crystal and Jacque proposed the 6”X60” quilt as our challenge. Crystal has seen a display of these and loved them. I was at the meeting when it was proposed and kind of blew it off. What good is a quilt that size? But then I noticed that thin wall space in my house right by the closet door as you enter my house. ..... Click on the yellow link below & keep reading.


RevaBeth Russell - President Elect 

Please contact RevaBeth Russell (president-elect) if you would like to serve on the 2020 Board

UVQG November Program

Megan Legas - 

“Designing a Traditional Quilt"

-Annual Book Sale

-Quilt Challenge Display

-2020 Board


Orem Senior Center

November 20, 2019 - 1:30 pm

Book Sale starts shortly after 1 pm!

“Designing a Traditional Quilt"

- steps to making your own great creation 

It is so rewarding to create your own plan and make an original design, or be inspired by the vintage quilts that have stood the test of time.

Adapt and update time honored designs to fit your needs.


Our guest this month is Megan Legas.  She will teach us how these skills open the door to more options and possibilities for all of your quilts. 

Click on the flyer link to see more details.

August pincushion by Midway Wool

   The photo above is of the finished pincushion taught at our August meeting. If you purchased a kit and ran out of blue thread while whip stitching your blue wool flower, Elise will have some at retreat and at the November meeting. Please bring your pincushion with you.

2019 UVQG Retreat

         November 6-9, 2019

       "A Christmas in Stitches"

It's here!   If you have any questions about the retreat, please email Barb Murdock at: 

             heberbarb@gmail.com     435-671-0263


-November Book Sale


Out annual book sale is this month!

We will be selling donated books, as well as older books from our library.

We accept cash or check.

Money is used to purchase new books.


Quilt Fair

Thank you to everyone who assisted in all aspects of this event!! Come again next year.

            Cell Phone Etiquette

Please turn your cell phones off or put on vibrate during our guild meetings. If it must be on and it could bother others, use the “silent” mode and move away to talk. 

Words of Wisdom


My favorite quote from Brenda Sommers is: If you are a new quilter, or a quilter with shaky confidence – keep quilting!!!! You will get better, I am a much better quilter than when I started ...” Isn’t this where we all are? Loving what we do and getting better and better at it each day.

46th Annual Utah Quilt Show

at Springville Museum of Art

July 27, 2019 to Sept 21, 2019


Trunk Show presentations this Wednesday!

July 31, 2019  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, no cost

  6:00 pm - Suzanne Hillestad

  6:40 pm -  Lorri Cummings

  7:20 pm -  Marilyn Yerkes


 For more about these presenters: Click Here