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2017 National Teacher
Janet Nesbitt

ONE S1STER Designs 

(go to her website)

Janet Nesbitt is a quilt and fabric designer and owner of ONE S1STER LLC, a web based quilt company. For 18 years, she owned and operated Buggy Barn Quilts in Reardan, WA, as well as designing Buggy Barn's popular line of quilt patterns and Henry Glass & Co. fabric collections. Now, she’s well underway in a new adventure as ONE S1STER, continuing to design both quilt patterns and fabric for Henry Glass & Co.


Janet will present a trunk show at our guild meeting:

    Wed April 19, 2017 - 1:30 pm - Orem Senior Center

Tues, April 18th.  - (FULL with wait list)

"Piece Like Crazy" 6 hour workshop for those registered

Location - Pleasant Grove Senior Center

Thurs, April 20th   - CANCELLED (needs 16 registered to carry)

Applique 6 hour workshop for those registered. SIGN UP NOW!

Location - Pleasant Grove Senior Center

Only $ 60. Only 24 spots available per class!!!

 Pay with cash or check. UVQG bylaws: when class is purchased and you are unable to attend, you can sell you spot to another or you forfeit your payment.

Contact Wanda Sump with any questions or to sign up (801) 602-4065

Piece Like Crazy

Tues, April 18th.  - (FULL with wait list) $60

"Piece Like Crazy" 6 hour workshop for those registered.


6 hours Skill level: Beginner

In this class, students can select ANY crazy quilt from any One Sister or Buggy Barn publication. That's right-each student could potentially be making a different quilt! This is a fun class and students learn my popular "crazy" piecing technique (stacking fabric, cutting on the lines, shuffling, and stitching it all together). This trademark piecing method is easy and forgiving, ensuring quilting success for piecers of all levels. This fun technique keeps you coming back for more, one quilt after another, and will keep you "piecing like crazy" long after the class is over!


*Purchase the Buggy Barn or One Sister “Crazy” pattern of your choice and select fabrics according to the requirements on the pattern. Everyone must purchase a pattern or book; it is a violation of federal copyright law to reproduce our patterns by any means.

*Freezer paper *Paper scissors

*Pencil & 6” x 24” ruler for tracing (Please don’t freehand trace!)

*60mm Rotary cutter with a sharp blade and mat (18” x 24” size or larger)

*Press pad and iron is optional but there’s lots of ironing!

*6” x 24” ruler

*15” or 20-1/2” square ruler to use to square your blocks.

*Sewing machine and sewing supplies


Have your fabrics ironed and ready to stack and cut, but please NO CUTTING before class.


Trace the crazy pattern onto freezer paper, one copy for each stack of fabric. For instance, if you have thirty fat quarters, you can cut them in two piles of fifteen, or three piles of ten so you will need two or three copies depending on how many fabrics you are comfortable cutting through. (I usually cut through twelve to fifteen at a time.) If you are making a pattern that stacks in more than one pile, (i.e. Heart Crazies, Log Cabin Crazies, Star Crazies, Coneflower Crazies, Crazy Rays) you will also need a copy of the master for each pile to stack on

Available patterns:

Buggy Barn Crazies

Crazy Mexican Hat Dance

Log Cabin Crazies

**Heart Crazies

Crazy Harvest Moon

Crazy About Hearts & Stars

**Basket Crazies

Coneflower Crazies

Crazy Rays


**Star Crazies,

OR any project from my books, Star Crossing, Gone Crazy, Crazy Among Friends, **A Little Bit Crazy, **Certifiably Crazy, **That Crazy Thing We Do, Stir Crazy, Perennially Crazy, Crazy Dog Days, Crazy Snow Days, Frightfully Crazy, **Celebrated Craziness, Those Crazy Kids, Crazy Fun –N- Games, Positively Crazy, Still Crazy, **Undeniably Crazy, **Crazy til the Cows Come Home, Crazy or Not, Down this Country Road, Completely Crazy, Crazy Favorite Things, Crazy at the Cabin, OR any New Crazy One Sister book to be released in 2017!

**Currently out of print, but can still be used in class if students have previously purchased.

Needle Turn Applique

Thurs, April 20th   - CANCELLED!

Applique 6 hour workshop for those registered. SIGN UP NOW!


6 hour class skill level: Beginner

I teach needle turn applique, a method I think is easier to prepare and gets student stitching quickly. I discuss why I use the supplies I do, and one that is noticeably absent are the pins! This is a pin free method making your applique easily portable-no more worry about losing or sitting on a pin in the car! I will also explain how to prepare the motif so that its ready for placement onto your background, light or dark, it doesn't matter with this method! During the stitching phase of class, I will explain how to achieve a sharp point at each star point and I even have a trick for keeping threads from unraveling in the valleys. We finish up class with learning how to make bias for vines. This is a very comprehensive class and students learn a lot! I've always said: "if you can stitch down a binding on a quilt, then you can applique!"


*One Sister or Buggy Barn Applique Book or pattern of your choosing

*Fabrics for your project
*Freezer paper

*#2 pencil for tracing motifs onto freezer paper *paper scissors for cutting out templates

*fabric scissors for cutting out motifs

*small, sharp appliqué scissors for clipping

*fine needles such as straw or milliners. I use a #10 straw needle.

*100% cotton thread that matches the color of the motifs you are stitching down

*Glue Baste-It

*Pencils for tracing: I’m not too fussy brand wise if you have some that you like to use. I personally use: a #2 pencil, a sharpie fine point, and the white and silver chalk pencils from Quilter’s Choice (Makers of Glue Baste It).

*Clover bias tape makers if needed. (I will bring mine to demo during class)

*Helpful but not required: a small ( about 8-1/2” x 11”) cork board with a piece of fine grain sand paper glued to the back for tracing around motifs.

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