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March Meeting:

  Service Day!


We will be meeting via Zoom!

Wed, Feb 17, 2021 -- 1:30 pm for Simply Social

                                 -- 2 pm for main meeting

The first 30 min will be Simply Social. Enter the meetings, visit and chat.

At 2:00 we will officially start the meeting.  Please join us!

For Show and Tell we’d like to have those whose last name begins with J-? this month. Please only show one item. Email a picture of your show and tell item to Jodie Banks before the meeting so she can create a slide show of them to present.

A couple bits of ZOOM etiquette

-Please keep yourself muted unless you are talking to the meeting.
-Be aware other people can see you.
-Be patient with those running the meeting...we’re all learning this together.

Zoom link for February sent Feb 15.

If you are not a member and would like to attend, please contact Lisa Johnson or Amy Burnham for the link. (Go to 'Contact' - 'Board Member' page.)

March 17 - Service Day - various locations

April 21 - Trunk Show Karin Crawford

May 19 - Trunk Show RevaBeth Russell


Service 2022

Goal - 222

222 Quilts

130 Quilts Donated



habitat for humanity quilt.jpg

& 187 stuffed items

Membership Benefits:

1. Attend monthly meetings full of information and beautiful quilts. Programs feature guest speakers, mini-classes in round robin style, trunk shows and lectures. These meetings also include "Show and Tell" that allows members to bring their own finished quilts to show the group.

2. Once yearly the guild hosts a nationally acclaimed teacher who teaches workshops and provides a trunk show.

3. Membership includes receiving "Patchwords", a monthly newsletter by email containing information of upcoming events, programs and workshops; President’s Message; review of new quilt books; block of the month patterns and more.

4. Check out books free of charge from an extensive library. We have over 600 quilt books, patterns and DVD’s available.

5. Register to attend our annual quilt retreat held the first week of each November. This is a fun time to work on your own projects and learn from teachers provided at the retreat. This retreat includes lodging and meals. Space is limited with sign-ups beginning each spring.

6. Many service opportunities along with our annual Service Day.


Each July we hold our annual July Quilt Fair. Instead of a regular meeting, this is an all day affair that includes a quilt show, rotating quilt classes, merchant’s mall, garage sale, bake sale, and quilt auction. Lunch is available for a nominal fee. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome.

Saturday Sew

     Do you have a closet of ½ done projects leftover from Super Saturdays and retreats? Do you have projects and kits that are just sitting in plastic bags filling up your dining room table? Maybe you want to get one of your PIGS done for the November meeting; or maybe you are planning sewing your Christmas gifts and matching pj’s for your family.  Well, here is your opportunity to get them done.

     As a board, we voted on having a Saturday Sew day on October 8 so you can bring your sewing machine and whatever sewing or stitching project you need to finish or work on. I picture the old fashion quilting bees, where the neighborhood women get together and they spend the day chatting and stitching and accomplishing. They laugh and share stories and build friendships, pass on advice, talk on every subject from pregnancy to death and everything in between.  Friendships are built as more women enter the room and are greeted and space is made for them and their stuff.

    Memories are built on days such as these. Where you greet life long friends and where you meet someone and they say something that touches you deep within your soul. Where some kind lady takes the time to show you a technique that you have never seen before and magically changes the way you see fabric or the way you quilt. Or maybe it’s the feeling of sisterhood and acceptance as you sit around a room and everyone is laughing, enjoying life and you feel like you are apart of something wonderful.

     No matter our age, our hair color, no matter if we have children or married or not, we as a guild have something in common and that is we all like a needle, thread and fabric. We like exploring color and the mixing, matching and shading of the different prints and patterns. We like the various textures of fabric. We like the overwhelming sense of trying something new and being creative. We love the feeling of accomplishment when we finish a project and bask in the glow as others congratulate us that we reached the finish line. No matter how different we may seem, we are more alike then different.  Take the time and say “hello” to someone new. They just might turn to be your new best friend.

     Reminiscing about the good ol’ days is unique in the sense, that one day, we will be the ones reminiscing and what will we be saying that will be passed on as a tradition? Connecting and sharing is an amazing custom, to pass on. And finishing projects is pretty awesome too.

     So come, bring a friend, load up your sewing machine, your projects and your smile and come sit and stitch and together as a guild

     We will sew bee happy.   Wanda

Service Opportunities 


2015 Service Projects

by Kathie Zobell

Thank you to everyone who helped with last years’ service project. Those who received the quilts and receiving blankets were very grateful.  This year we will focus on quilts for The Christmas Box House and receiving blankets for the Baby Your Baby program.
The Christmas Box House was created in 1996 by Richard Paul Evans.  He asked, "What is the most important thing we can do for at-risk children?"  The Christmas Box House was named after his first novel. With a motto of "Every child deserves a Childhood" the Houses are emergency shelters and a safe place for Utah's children.

The Christmas Box House International partners with local, national, and international communities to prevent child abuse and improve the quality of life for children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. In Utah, houses are located in Salt Lake, Ogden, and Moab.  The Salt Lake house is for both Salt Lake and Utah counties. The houses offer food and shelter, on-site therapy, medical and dental evaluations, and recreational activities.

Internationally 6491 children and teens were served in 2013. In Utah 760 were helped.  At the Salt Lake/Utah county location 229 were helped for a total of 5576 days. The average days per child was 15-21 days.

When we talked to them, they indicated that their greatest need is for quilts for boy 5-11.  Basically a twin size that can fit on their beds.  We can and will also do baby and girls quilts. Sizes baby up to 72 X 90.  

QOV contact:  Brandy Mascher  

phone number 801-794-3428;  email is

People can donate a completed quilt, or they can donate a top.  If a long arm quilter wants to donate their services, they can contact Brandy as well.   

The size of the quilts are:
           width 55x72 and length 65x90.
You can also go to the QOV website for requirements and patterns.


Any questions, please call Brandy Mascher at 801-794-3428.
   Thanks to everyone who helped with QOV projects during our service day in February 2012.  We were able to donate 3 quilts to local servicemen who have been wounded during their call of duty.  If you know of a local serviceman or woman who qualifies for this honor, please contact Brandy.

     ***Anyone who brings a completed top to the HMQS show at South Town Expo in May will receive free admission to the quilt show there.  Long arm quilters will be at the show to donate their time and efforts into quilting these special quilts that will be distributed to our local servicemen.  Please remember to bring the label, pillowcase and letter to accompany your donated quilt.

   Thanks to everyone who helped with QOV projects during our service day in February 2012.  We were able to donate 3 quilts to local servicemen who have been wounded during their call of duty.  If you know of a local serviceman or woman who qualifies for this honor, please contact Brandy.      ***Anyone who brings a completed top to the HMQS show at South Town Expo in May will receive free admission to the quilt show there.  Long arm quilters will be at the show to donate their time and efforts into quilting these special quilts that will be distributed to our local servicemen.  Please remember to bring the label, pillowcase and letter to accompany your donated quilt.

January 2017 Recap:

Margaret Cooper, Dee DeHart and Liz Laney were joined by 9 friends from Payson who delighted us with a trunk show of their quilts and organization tips, as well as tips on ways to find time to sew.  Some of their thoughts were as follows:

    Give yourself permission to take time to sew.  Be flexible.  Just do it!  Repent from what you’re doing and go back to quilting.  If you don’t have a design wall, use your design floor.  Give yourself a deadline for each step of the quilt so you’re not rushing to finish it all at the end.  In order to get some sewing done, neglect your children, feed them cold cereal, and be grateful the house is still standing at the end of the day.

    These ladies are heading up the Payson Quilt Show September 8-16th.  Put those dates on your calendar for a fun event!

The Dalai Lama said, “Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible.” 

Bonnie's Homemade Starch Recipe
Bonnie shared this tip at our January forum. Save money by making your own pressing starch!

1 (to 1-1/2) teaspoons cornstarch

1/4 cup cold water

1-1/2 cup BOILING water

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

1-2 drops fragrance (optional)


Dissolve the starch in the cold water. Mix into the boiling water, and stir until the mixture is clear. (This cooks the starch and assures that it won’t just settle to the bottom of your spray bottle.) Stir in the alcohol and optional fragrance. (Use alcohol based fragrances, NOT oil.)

Tips: If you want a stiffer finish on your fabric or clothing item, start with more corn starch. 2 Tablespoons makes a VERY stiff starch.

Saturday Sew

October 14, 2017

Coordinated by:

Wanda Sump & Liz Teerlink 



Please come to our October Saturday Sew!

Our first Saturday Sew (Sit and Stitch) was such a success that we will be continuing the tradition during 2017.


We will meet at the Jacobs Senior Center 242 W. 200 S in Pleasant Grove from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on the second Saturday in April. (April 8) The center is behind or directly east of the Pleasant Grove Post Office. It is set back off the road so look for a blue sign that says Jacobs Senior Center between the post office and the railroad tracks.


No cost to you, just come and bring your own lunch and your own projects and supplies. We will have a great time sewing and visiting. (We recommend bringing a surge protector. The guild is providing the location only.)


The Utah Valley Quilt Guild will host this event every other month on the second Saturday. So mark your calendars for February 11th, April 8th, June 10th, August 12 and October 14th. Hope to see you there!!

President's Message

February 2018

-Brenda Sommers

What do YOU love about the Utah Valley Quilt Guild? Is it the meetings each month where you get so inspired and motivated that you can hardly wait to get home and get into your sewing studio and get creating? Our programs and trunk shows are delightful and don’t you just LOVE the “show and tell”? – you ladies are amazing!

Is it the fun activities we have? What is your favorite guild activity? Do you love the July Fair with the awesome (free!!) classes, the vendor mall, the bake sale, the silent auction, the garage sale?


Is it our Fall Retreat in November, where you can just sew all day long and into the night, then pop into the fabulous hot tub? You don’t have to worry about anything besides sewing and chatting and snacking and having a blast! Someone else cooks for you, makes your bed and takes care of EVERYTHING – and if you happen to “forget” your phone in your room, no one can even get a hold of you! The biggest decision you have to make is just how often should I run down to that wonderful quilt shop in town?

What about our new “Spring Retreat” coming up in March (17th ) – an all day Saturday sew with potluck lunch and prizes and FUN?


Do you LOVE having access to all of the Guild’s library books? Members can check them out for FREE and we have so many books, I don’t think you could ever get through them all – unlimited projects and inspiration – yippee!


Have you made some lifelong quilty friends through serving on the board, or joining a Bee or just helping out a bit?


What about having a national teacher each year – you can sign up and take a class for a fee, or just enjoy the stunning trunk show at the regular guild meeting. (April 17-18 Sassafras Lane)

Do you love helping out with service day? You can either come on down for the day or just a couple of hours - free lunch, prizes, making friends and having some good laughs together. If you can’t make it –it’s easy to work on some simple piecing at home while you watch your favorite HGTV show or whatever you like to do while sewing – books on CD, music, etc.


If you LOVE being a member- invite a friend sometime! Anyone can attend the regular meetings for FREE, we welcome the community as we spread our love of quilting. If your friend likes it, encourage her to sign up – let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like us???? See you at the Meeting!

Words of Wisdom


My favorite quote from Brenda Sommers is: If you are a new quilter, or a quilter with shaky confidence – keep quilting!!!! You will get better, I am a much better quilter than when I started ...” Isn’t this where we all are? Loving what we do and getting better and better at it each day.

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