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 UVQG Retreat 2018 Theme

   Sew Many More Friends

Are you as excited as I am about signing up for the fall retreat at the Zermatt?

Registration will begin April 2, 2018, when we email everyone a registration form.  This will be separate from the Patchwords Newsletter that will come out about the same time.  We will also put the form on the website so you can print it out at home.  If you only get a hard copy of the newsletter, you can still print a copy from the website or pick up a form at the April meeting.

Prices will increase slightly this year due to the fact that the hotel  increased our room rates and food prices.

 "Sew Many More Friends", that is what it is all about!  Any questions or concerns, please email me, Barb Murdock at

Prices for 2018 Retreat

1 Person in a Room: $600

2 Person in a Room: $420 each

3 Person in a Room: $350 each

4 Person in a Room: $320 each


(Page 1 of pdf is informational.

Page 2 of pdf is the registration form that needs to be sent to Marilyn with your deposit. Each person attending needs to fill out a registration form.)

(Scroll down to see table layout and numbering.)

Click the Retreat Registration Form button above
to open the pdf file for printing -starting April 2nd
May 2018 Update

-by Barb Murdock

All slots for the November 7-10 retreat at the Zermatt have been filled. Wow, that did not take long! We will start a waiting list at this time and if you would like to put your name on the list, please let me, Barb Murdock, or Marilyn Hamblin know. Make sure your membership is current before you send in your name. We will contact you if any openings occur.

Pincushion Class

At the retreat, Nancy Jones agreed to come back and give another class on making the felted wool pin cushions. Due to the cost of the wool and supplies, each pin cushion will cost $10.00. You can start signing up for this activity at the May meeting. We will need to have you pay for the pin cushions in advance so that we can give the money to Nancy for supplies. You are welcome to sign up for as many as you would like. The class will be on Thursday morning during the retreat, then Nancy will take the pin cushions home and felt them and bring them back Thursday night or Friday morning. If you are unable to attend our regular monthly meeting, but would like to make one of the pin cushions, you can send a check to me, Barb Murdock, payable to the Utah Valley Quilt Guild, and I will add your name to the list.


Remember that you need to be a member to sign up.

{Each person coming needs to fill out a registration form, even if you are substituting for someone else.}

2018 setup posted on the right. Each table pod is composed of six individual tables. This setup is almost the same as last year--Note that the group table numbering has changed.

Fall Retreat Reminders


 *  Make sure your membership is current! 

 *  Bring your own projects and sewing supplies. No large irons allowed at your personal place. You may want a seat cushion and a lamp. Ironing and cutting stations will be setup for you to use.

 *  Dress in layers. The temperature in the Bernese Center is uneven, sometimes hot and some times cold. Control the temperature with your clothing. A jacket is recommended.

 *  Please don’t wear perfume and be mindful of scented spray starch.

 *  We were not charged the resort fee again this year, but you may use pool, etc., if desired.

 *  A credit card on file is required at check in. Don’t use a debit card as it ties up your funds.

 *  Bring a show and tell.

 *  Bring Secret Sister gifts if you are participating. (3 gifts about $5 each)

  Bernese Center Retreat Schedule: 6AM - 12PM (you may stay later than midnight) Room check in is after 3PM. If you arranged to arrive on Tuesday, you may setup at 6PM.

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