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UVQG Fall Retreat

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UVQG's 19th Annual Fall Retreat

November 4-7, 2020 -- Zermatt Resort in Midway
This year's theme is ...
   Sew into Fall
Prices are the same as last year.
Prices for 2020 Retreat
1 Person in a Room: $635
2 Person in a Room: $430 each
3 Person in a Room: $360 each
4 Person in a Room: $330 each
Some Changes -
  No demos this year.
  Fewer numbers mean removal of some of the table pods.
  Secret sister assignments will be sent around Aug 21 for those who signed up, You can no longer sign up for secret sister.
  We will still have show and tell.
  We will still have game night. Barb is donating some great prizes from her sister Bonnie's stash.
  We will still have Fun with Friends & some cute Gifts and Favors
Some openings at the lower capacity.
Firm Deadline: Sept 30
Info from earlier this year:
Well, after much deliberation, I narrowed down the choice of the theme for 2020 to two names. One of the names my sister really liked, and since her death in November, I decided to choose the one she liked, "Sew Into Fall". There were five people who put in that name and I had my husband draw the winner and the winner is "Candy Hansen". She will get $25.00 off of her registration fee for this year. Way to go Candy!
This year's retreat will be November 4-7 at the Zermatt in Midway. The rates will be the same as last year and registration will start April 1, by mail. One person per room is $635, two per room is $430 each, three per room is $360 each and 4 per room is $330 each. This fee includes three nights hotel, six meals, the conference room for sewing and six little gifts (some being made by amazing quilters in our group) and other small incidentals.
There is a one time, non refundable*, registration fee of $75.00, which will need to be submitted to Caisa Hess along with your registration papers. The balance will be due August 15. This is a month later than in previous years, but hoping it will help those who need more time to arrange finances. The registration forms will be in next month's Patchwords and will also be online soon so that you can print them and get them ready to mail.
After reading all of the comments, most wanted to do secret sisters again, but this time we will be asking you some questions about yourself. Most really liked having the secret sister gifts on display for the day, so we will do that. Marilyn Hamblen volunteered to be over the secret sister event. We will have show and tell, but are going to do it a little different this time. We will also have game night.  We will again have the "free" and "for sale" tables. Several comments were made about having more design walls. Just so you know, the guild does not have any design walls, those that were up last year belonged to individuals, so if you would like one, now would be the time to invest in getting one for yourself.
$75 deposit is due at time of registration.
*Deposit is non-refundable, unless someone else fills your spot.
We will hold the retreat unless local health and government guidelines at that time prohibit it. If that happens, payments will be refunded.
Make checks payable to UVQG
Remaining balance is due August 15, 2020

Any questions or concerns, please email me, Barb Murdock at or 435.671.0263

If sending in UVQG membership with registration, please write a separate check and include the UVQG membership form.


(Page 1 of pdf is informational.

Page 2 of pdf is the registration form that needs to be sent to Caisa with your $75 deposit payable to UVQG. Each person attending needs to fill out a registration form.

Page 3 is the secret sister questionnaire for those participating

Page 4 is the seating chart below.)

Click the Retreat Registration Form button above to open the pdf file for printing. 

Status as of Sep 25, 2020

Tentatively FULL

No sign-ups after Sept 30th

Max of 82 people.

Remember that you need to be a member to sign up.

{Each person coming needs to fill out a registration form, even if you are substituting for someone else.}

2020 setup posted on the right. Each table pod is composed of six individual tables. This setup is the same as last year.


[Table 15 (last year's #20) is probably the warmest area.] Tables 5, 6, and 1 are the coolest.


7 people per table in dining area instead of 10

We have eliminated some of the table pods, which will give a little more room between the pods. 82 tables (Eleven pods of 6 and four pods of 4.)

2019 Retreat Seating Chart.JPG
Fall Retreat Reminders


 *  Make sure your membership is current! 

 *  Sorry, no babies or small children.

 *  Bring your own projects and sewing supplies. No large irons allowed at your personal place. You may want a seat cushion and a lamp. Ironing and cutting stations will be setup for you to use.

 *  Dress in layers. The temperature in the Bernese Center is uneven, sometimes hot and some times cold. Control the temperature with your clothing. A jacket is recommended.

 *  Please don’t wear perfume and be mindful of scented spray starch.

 *  We were not charged the resort fee again this year, but you may use pool, etc., if desired.

 *  A credit card on file is required at check in. Don’t use a debit card as it ties up your funds.

 *  Bring a show and tell.

 *  Bring Secret Sister gifts if you are participating. (3 gifts) 

    Bernese Center Retreat Schedule: 6AM - 12PM (you may stay later than midnight) Room check in is after 3PM.

    The cost is $119 plus tax (per room) to stay in the hotel Tuesday night or other additional nights. If you arrange to arrive on Tuesday, you may setup at ? PM.

    The retreat officially starts Wed 10 am and ends Sat at 2 pm.

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